J I High Builders
Our primary specialism is creating extra space in people’s homes through single/double storey extensions and loft conversions. However, we undertake a wide range of work which includes: A significant percentage of our work is involved within the public sector, where we supply maintenance services for schools and council projects.

One of our most recent projects was the formation of 3 new garage door openings. This involved the supply of bespoke lintels and hand cut bricks shaped on site.

Original entrance to barn

6.5m bespoke lintels

These openings were fitted with eletrical remote operated doors.

Other projects

An opening was made in a flint wall for custom made sash windows in a period property.

A bathroom extension was created in the valley of two existing gable roofs, creating a third gable to match existing. This was not a straightforward task but created valuable space with minimum disruption to the rest of the house.
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